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Yakol Investments is a home accommodating numerous building disciplines to serve you with timeless structures to meet your needs. We exhibit an expertise in various design and build sectors where quality and affordability is never compromised. Being one of the superior construction company in Eswatini (Swaziland), we pledge to bring a range of pro-active services.


Our Architecture Services Incorporates

Architect Designer

We have professionals who specialize in the design and construction of residential buildings, such as individual homes and condominiums. Our designers are concerned with the artistic of a residential building as well as its functionality.

Commercial Designer

Our commercial architects own its own field of design, with unique concerns and practices. To give a simple commercial architecture definition, it is architecture focused solely on buildings and spaces that are used for commercial purposes. These include offices, retail outlets, and other facilities where

Interior Designer

Designing and styling the interior of an apartment, an office, or a restaurant requires artistic sense and technical knowledge. Yakol Interior Designers have a deep knowledge of materials, fabrics, colors, and basics of furniture design.

Landscape Designer

Yakol architect are well concerned with outdoor spaces like parks, gardens, neighborhoods, campuses, and public spaces. Landscape architects design these spaces to be efficient, engaging, and harmonious with the environment. They decide the locations for buildings, walkways, greenery, and other hardscape elements accordingly.

Urban Designer

Urban Design is a broad subject that employs other specializations like building architecture, landscape design, and green design. It deals with the scales of neighborhoods, districts, and cities. Urban designers are in charge of grouping buildings, designing nodes, paths, and street networks. So, they give the city its shape and sense of order. They can design cities from scratch or develop existing ones.

Industrial Designer

They fully understand the different industrial processes, and accordingly, design efficient and functional buildings that can hold them.

How We Do This

Deep Understanding

We possess a profound knowledge of all aspects of our services that we have developed and refined over the period of last eight years.

Professional Involvement

Throughout the process, we maintain professionalism to develop a bond of trust, reliability and security. Effective communication is also a part of our professional service.

Easy Handling

Either it’s a one-step task or a huge design and build contract project involving uncountable hassles, we go easy and step-by-step to resolve every complexity with our expertise.

Exceptional Quality

We believe in delivering the quality of services that speak loudly. Our professionals are highly trained to serve you with the best and on-time.


  • We listen 24/7 before, during and after completion of project.
  • Die hard deadlines, fixed start and end dates.
  • Out of the box Be-spoke solutions.

Make An Enquirey

If you have a project to discuss, it’s the right time to get design and build procurement from the industry experts at Yakol Constructions. Send us your details, we’ll help you achieve your aspirations.

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    We're ready to build something visionary.

    Yakol constructions is one of the foremost organizations in the Eswatini offering specialized joinery services to private clients, contractors, and other individuals for a diversity of residential projects. Working for years in the industry, we are traditionally trained in providing a flexible carpentry and joinery services in Eswatini to cater to your every requirement.